Repeater Details

D-Star Repeaters Across Nebraska

OmahaKD0CGR145.175- (C)
442.125+ (B)
LincolnW0MAO145.250- (C)
442.150+ (B)
KearneyKD0PBW147.030+ (C)Y
ColumbusWA0COL146.955- (C)
442.175+ (B)
Grand IslandKD0PBV146.655- (C)Y
Wood RiverNI0P444.700+ (B) Y

OMAHA Details

Omaha is grateful to have the KD0CGR DStar repeater back online. This repeater is located in downtown Omaha, at the top of the highest building (you locals can probably guess where that is!) providing exceptional coverage of the Omaha metro area.

The repeater has 2 active modules:

  • 2 Meter/VHF (C Module) – 145.175MHz, -0.600
  • 70 cm/UHF (B Module) – 442.125MHz, +5.000

Both repeater modules are linkable via a locally-attached ircddbgateway gateway server. Currently, linking to DCS and D-Plus (or REF) reflectors is working without issue – we have the ability to also link to Extra XRF and the new multi-protocol XLX reflectors, but that is proving to still be a bit problematic (and we are continuing to work on that).

The repeater also fully support DPRS position reporting and callsign routing.

If you are wanting to see repeater/gateway status (out of curiosity or if you’re having problems), please visit our dashboard:


Supported by the Pawnee Amateur Radio Club in Columbus, Nebraska, DStar repeater WA0COL has dual 2 Meter/VHF and 70 cm/UHF DStar modules.  Located south of Columbus, Nebraska on a bluff, the WA0COL repeaters have wide coverage and an easy working radius of 30 miles and often can be worked 45 to 50 miles. 

Both repeaters are gateway enabled and HAM friendly.  Either can be linked and unlinked by any licensed amateur radio operator via DStar radio commands.  Both modules fully support DPRS position reporting and callsign routing.

The 2 Meter/VHF repeater is normally linked to REF002C (the Nebraska reflector) but can be unlinked and relinked via DStar radio command to any other reflector.  

The 70 cm/UHF repeater is scheduled to link to various area nets (see the website for the schedule) but is normally unlinked waiting for someone to use it.

Columbus DStar repeater  information:

  • 146.955 – WA0COL DSTAR “C” input frequency 146.355 (-) PL Tone: none
  • 442.175 – WA0COL DSTAR “B” input frequency 447.175 (+) PL Tone: none

Status of the Columbus WA0COL D-STAR Gateway

See who was last heard on the Columbus D-STAR repeaters

For more information on the Columbus DStar repeater and other analog club repeaters in the Columbus, Nebraska area see the club’s website.

Please join our lists or comment here if you do have problems – the more feedback we get (and the more use the repeater gets), the better!


Bryan Melvin / K0BNM