Net Details

To foster collaboration around expanding DStar adoption across Nebraska, we have established a weekly net focused on DStar and other digital / HAM radio topics. The goal of the net is to bring the enthusiasts together and help revitalize DSTAR usage throughout Nebraska.

WHEN: This net meets weekly on Thursday night, 9PM Central Time

WHERE: REF002C – As of July 2020, we have returned REF002 into service as a dedicated reflector for Nebraska DSTAR! We still have permission to use reflector REF073C as a back-up in case we have technical difficulties with 73C. (We want to give a BIG ‘Thank You’ to Mike McCrary, WB5LJQ in Louisiana, for allowing us to use his reflectors.)

OMAHA: For users in the Omaha metro area, we have the KD0CGR repeater fully functional/linkable on DStar now. (see the repeaters menu item for details). The C-Module (VHF) will be automatically linked to the appropriate reflector for the duration of the net, so please enjoy this local repeater and feel free to make use of it for checking into the net.

Your Responsibility: You need to ensure your radio is configured so that traffic is routed to the gateway. If you don’t do this, then the repeater will only repeat your traffic locally and nobody on the reflector will hear you.

Example radio settings for local Omaha users of KD0CGR-C:

Net Details:The net is a directed net, meaning that all communications are directed by and flow through this net control station. We run this net in a “rag-chew” fashion, meaning we are free to discuss anything and everything related to DSTAR and amateur radio in general. This net accepts participation from all stations, regardless of location or affiliation. 

In addition to DSTAR, we are also using d-rats for the net – you can find us over at ratflector “” port 9000.  Feel free to stop in and chat with the crew!


Bryan Melvin, K0BNM